Hello 2018!

Wow, 2018 is underway! This year as I reflected on 2017 and looked forward to the beginning of a new year, I knew I wanted 2018 to be a more creative year. Of course this is easier said than done, but so far I’ve managed to start my year off with spending more time in the studio and at the easel than I have in the last 10 years!!

And what I have found is that it’s a place where I’m at peace, where I totally lose track of the time and what day of the week it is and where I get lost in the world of art making! Stress levels go way down and anxiety flies out the window and the real world disappears for a while. I love it and I’m pretty sure that this feeling of being in the ‘zone’ can become quite addictive!

However, while those are all the wonderful benefits mentally and emotionally, as a woman of faith, I find that for me, the act of painting also becomes an act of worship, where the image that emerges from the easel, expresses the deep parts of the heart where words are silent.

So as we travel through 2018, may it be filled with moments or hours of creative exploration and expression.

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